Resurrecting the Good Guys

Freedom of Speech (an’ all that good stuff)

In 2010 Rick Keene decided to get motivated and so attended a seminar. One of the speakers, Stephen Pierce, motivated him so much he forked out $10,000 for his MRMI Internet Marketing Consulting program, the Gold package no less. To cut a long story short, it didn’t work out and Rick says he received very little of what was promised to him when he handed over his hard earned cash. It’s not surprising really as Stephen Pierce has got a long history of not living up to the promises he makes:

Nobody at Stephen Pierce International seemed able, or inclined to help, so he set up a web site (aptly named to warn others of his experience. It was also a place where other people who felt they had been ripped off by Stephen Pierce could go and vent their spleen and go they did.

Recently Rick was served with a lawsuit by Stephen Pierce’s lawyers and his site has disappeared from the internet. I believe that it is the public interest that the contents of Rick’s site should be available so what I’ve done is go to Google cache and resurrect it. You can find the pages in the menu above and on the right.

A much more eloquent version of this story can be found on the Saltydroid’s website: