Fred Leuchter – A fool goes to Auschwitz

Holocaust Deniers – Fred Leuchter

YouTube is full of videos denying the Holocaust. Many of these films purport to show evidence that the Holocaust never took place and that it is a myth invented by the Allies, the Soviet communists, and the Jews for their own ends.

Although deniers like to see themselves as revisionists, their pseudo-scientific theories, justifications and excuses are more about anti-Semitism and hate politics than they are about history. They would like to debate the very existence of the Holocaust as a historic event. However as far as legitimate historians are concerned there is nothing to debate. They accept the fact that it took place. There is no debate.

In their efforts to show that the Holocaust is a myth, despite the existence of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, I’ve noticed that the makers of these clips rely on regurgitating the views of a number of people they see as legitimate historians and experts.

They claim the evidence these experts have produced, discredit the Holocaust as a historical event. I’ve decided to make a series of videos about these so called experts.

Fred Leuchter

The first of these is Fred Leuchter. In the video Fred claims he is an engineer. He isn’t.

In October 1990, the commonwealth of Massachusetts brought criminal charges against Leuchter for representing himself as an engineer without a license.

Leuchter not only lacks an engineering license but has neither an engineering degree nor any other relevant professional certification or recognized  engineering credentials .

He admits to having no formal training in toxicology, biology or chemistry.

The evidence produced by this so called expert, in what has become known as the Leuchter report, is what Holocaust deniers declare to be definitive proof that the gas chambers at Auschwitz did not exist.

Leuchter’s involvement in Holocaust denial began in 1988 when he was hired by Ernst Zündel, another Holocaust denier, to investigate and testify as an expert witness at his trial in Canada. Leuchter was paid a fee of $30,000 for his work. Fred armed himself with a hammer and a chisel, flew off to Poland and desecrated what is considered a religious memorial to millions of people.

The vast majority of the material in this video comes from Mr Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr documentary film made by Errol Morris in 1999.