Rick Keene set up after he had dealings with Steven Pierce International. He laid out his story and encouraged others who felt they had been scammed by Steven Pierce to make comments and let the world know what had happened to them.

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How Stephen Pierce scammed me.

Posted on April 15, 2011 by admin

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I want to share my experience with Stephen Pierce. It has not been a positive one and I want to make sure others do not fall into the same trap that I did. I would like for people to be able to use this blog to post their own stories and experiences they have had so that others can be much more informed prior to making any decisions to invest their hard earned money with Stephen Pierce or his Make Real Money on the Internet (MRMI) program also known as the Stephen Pierce Gold Program.

In August of 2010 I attended a Get Motivated Seminar and listened to one of the speakers with great interest. His name was Stephen Pierce (You can read more about him here). I was impressed with what he had to say, his motivational speaking and the message he shared on how people can build an Internet business and gain wealth.  After the Get Motivated seminar I decided to attend his own MRMI Internet Income seminar when it came back through town a short time later.

This seminar is was labeled as free and it was, but it was leading up to the sales pitch of buying into his training so you could access all his knowledge and have help creating your own business. I had no plans of buying his system until he announced at that seminar that he was kicking off a new MRMI Internet Marketing Consulting program that was at a ground floor level. I handed over $10,000.00 (The Gold Program) that was required in order to get Stephen Pierce personal attention, ongoing training, the use of Stephen Pierce, his materials and his commitment to help you succeed, and it was in his own best interest to do so since the overall cost over the long term would cost you $50,000.00 since you had to pay him 10% of your profits up until the $50,000 was reached.

I was excited about my new found opportunity and couldn’t wait to get the materials and the personal training. About this time is when my nightmare began. I had to call numerous times and talk to several people who didn’t have a clue what the program was or had never even heard of it, after several months going by I actually got a conference call with Stephen Pierce where he again reiterated that commitment he was making to me and that they would be sending out my training materials. I told him then that I was finishing up my MBA so I would not give 100% focus on the business until I had graduated, which he said was fine.

Shortly after that I received my MRMI introduction package that contained several training manuals which covered mostly what was already covered in the Stephen Pierce MRMI seminar. Nothing new there and no real help. I did noticed that they sent a long a contract which spelled out the agreement.

This is where I saw my first gotcha. They had added that after the first year you would continue to pay 5% of your overall profits from your business if you wished to continue your relationship with the Stephen Pierce MRMI program. That was never mentioned when I handed over my $10,000 cash to him.

Now the true nightmare began. I tried week after week to get someone at his organization to help answer my questions. I would get the run around day in day out, week in and week out. My frustration levels grew ever deeper and I was not getting any help. When I asked to talk toStephen Pierce himself because he had promised direct attention to me I always heard one of two things “He is out on speaking engagements” or “We will setup a time for him to reach you by phone”. I never did reach Stephen Pierce and every time I turned around someone new was on the other end of the phone because evidently the turn over within the Stephen Pierce International office is so great you never get to speak to the same person more than a few times because they have quit and left the organization. I am done with Stephen Pierce, and I sincerely recommended you do not get involved in any way.

Most everything Stephen Pierce teaches is free online already anyway if you just want to do some research on your own, or go buy a book. Save your time and your money and the hassles that come along with getting in bed with him.

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2.) Federal Court Reaffirms Immunity of Bloggers and Forums from Suits Brought Against Commenters: Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act provides that “[no] provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider,” and that “[n]o cause of action may be brought and no liability may be imposed under any State or local law that is inconsistent with this section.” A recent decision of the First Circuit has reaffirmed the broad protection this statute provides to bloggers and message board administrators.

In Universal Communication Systems v. Lycos, a company who had allegedly been victimized by defamatory statements on a message board regarding the value of its stock sued Lycos, which operated the board. The message board allowed users to post comments with minimal moderation, and no one from Lycos was responsible for the allegedly defamatory statements.

Examining the impact of Sec. 230 on this case, the court noted that “Congress intended that, within broad limits, message board operators would not be held responsible for the postings made by others on that board,” adding that allowing bloggers and message board operators to be sued for the statements of commenters on their sites would have an “obvious chilling effect” on speech. Accordingly, the court dismissed the complaint against Lycos.


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