Neo-nazis, apologists and revisionists

Trying to put the record straight

A month or so ago I was randomly browsing through videos on YouTube when I came across this little gem entitled “World War 2 – The Unseen Side of German Soldiers”:

I managed to get myself banned from commenting on the clip after a couple of hours, mainly I think because I pointed out that all the happy smiley German people in the video weren’t actually in their own country at the time, but were uninvited guests in most of Europe where they managed to slaughter or cause the deaths of around 20 million people.

Looking around at other films like the one above, I was amazed by the number of revisionists and apologists that comment  on films like this and by the number that believe World War 2 was caused by some kind of Bolshevik Zionist plot and not by a bat-shit crazy bastard with a ridiculous moustache.

Anyway I finally got around to making my own little clip, using the one above as a response.  It’s only the third clip I’ve ever made so it’s pretty crap. I just hope it gets my point across.

If anybody’s interested I used Serif Movie Plus X6 which I bought yesterday and still have no real clue how to use properly. You can see my version of “The unseen side of German soldiers here: (Please note that the contents are very graphic).

Please feel free to comment or offer suggestions etc.

One thought on “Neo-nazis, apologists and revisionists

  1. You are one of those who only believe the narrative as told to you by the history books. The victors write the history – a saying preached for 1000’s of years and true. If you weren’t there then you dont really know what happened. I too was a total believer in all I was taught about the war. What about Eisenhower’s murder fo the German soldiers in 1945 – where he starved and killed 3 million by depriving them of water an food and the Polish soldiers with mercenaries from Mongolia that slaughtered the innocent civilian women – in some cases making them dig the dead Polish soldiers up and made them make love with them before burying them and their children alive with the cadavers? There is film of this happening. You are a joke and a fool. Don’t bleat about stuff you have absolutely no idea about. And don’t even begin to mention the biggest financial con of all – the Holocaust.

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